Welcome to trilium.cc!

Enter your email and the domain you want to register. Once you pay, this domain will be registered.

The domain must be between 3 and 20 characters long, and only a-z (lowercase)!

Keep in mind the email you enter below must be the same email you enter in the payment page on Stripe!

In addition, this email must be the email you use in the future for any support requests. Ensure it's valid!

The referrer field is in case you were referred to the service by someone else. Feel free to leave it blank.


For an additional $16 yearly (only applicable with the $36 yearly plan, meaning $52 yearly), you can choose to use a full domain instead of a subdomain under trilium.cc (as long as it is not taken).

You can choose any domain you want, ending with .com, .net, .me, .org, .xyz, .cc, .win, or .art - but the one you choose is not guaranteed if it is a "premium domain" (it's probably not - they are very short, well-known words that cost several hundreds of dollars). The best way to check this is to enter your domain into Porkbun and ensuring that the renewal price is below $16.

Upon purchase, I will send an email to you asking how you would like your domain to be set up.

This additional cost is to cover the registration cost and any subsequent renewals which may increase in price. The total price, $52/yr ($36 + $16 domain cost), comes out to just $4.33 a month, which is still cheaper than many larger businesses charge for basic websites.

If you ever want to transfer your domain anywhere else, you can do that at no cost either (except whatever the registrar charges you to transfer).

If you have a domain already, or want to maintain ownership of the domain you choose, I can do the same for your domain at no cost. Send me an email!

PS: Your server will automatically update as Trilium releases new Docker versions. If you want to use the desktop client, ensure it stays updated; if you plan on using the web interface, you don't need to do anything.